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Beautifully presented in a tree of life craved box, this chakra set is not only vital for a healthy chakra system it is an exceptionally attractive piece to display in any room. The power of the crystals will not only cleanse, power up and activate your chakra system, they will also charge your room with exceptional qualities.


Each stone measures approximately 4 cm long and  3 cm wide. Each chakra stone has been engraved in gold depicting each chakra symbol.


As a guide to which stones correlate to the chakra portals, the symbols are even craved into the trunk of the Tree of Life on the lid of the box.


This particular set holds some unexpected crystals that you wouldn’t ordinarily find on a standard chakra set. We love the alternative crystals that hold the same powerful qualities.


CROWN CHAKRA – Amethyst for clear vision, aids spiritual awareness and connection to the divine

THIRD EYE CHAKRA – Sodalite for clear seeing, healing, intuition, self trust.

THROAT CHAKRA – Lapis Lazuli for clearing, speaking ones truth, public speaking and communication

HEART CHAKRA – Green Aventurine for clearing emotional pain, balancing emotions, enhancing relationships

SOLAR PLEXUS – Yellow Aventurine to fuel ambition, motivation and personal power

SACRAL CHAKRA – Red Aventurine – Sensuality, passion, sexual desire, relieving stress, promotes sleep

BASE/ ROOT CHAKRA – Red Jasper for protection, clear the root chakra, detoxify, balance emotions, ward off negative energy and EMF’s.


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